Daisy Room

The Daisy Room is a Double room with TV, free WiFi, climate control, private bathroom, hair dryer, sewing kit and Free Private Parking, the balcony overlooking the garden offering a relaxing view of the green and provides a great silence.

It's size is such as to allow the addition of a third bed or cot, is therefore an excellent solution for those who want more comfort and space during the business trip or holiday.


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NEW '2015

From this season the Breakfast of Janas Guest House will be self-managed by the guests, without limit of time.

In the  entrance hall, there is a comfortable Corner Breakfast, equipped with espresso machine, microwave and refrigerator+ freezer.

Guests can prepare their breakfast by yourself and can be enjoyed in the garden or in the room of their choice.

The menu of Italian Breakfast:
Coffee, MilkYogurt, Tea, Chocolate, Fruit Juice and Water.

Brioche, Rusks, Jams, Butter.


Please write to the following e-mail address  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.





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